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Bamboo Money Box

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Name:- Bamboo Moneybox, Coin Bank, Piggybank
Material:- Bamboo wood & finishing with clear varnish.
Appearance:- product with a hand art or laser burn design.
Description:-  This completely natural, organic, attractive, long-lasting money box which produced using naturally grown bamboo will be a better alternative to plastic and metal money box. This is sealed using glue, after filling it from the coin, can remove easily and can use again and again. (reusable). This is an Eco-Friendly natural product, Lightweight, Biodegradable, Reusable, 100% compostable, and good durability.
Dimension:-160mm x 80mm (Height x Diameter)
Weight:- 250g- 300g

It can be customized -the size of the holder, hand art, can print your logo.

Bamboo.lk  Bamboo Coin Bank made from hard bamboo tree polished Proudly product of Sri Lanka. Bamboo.lk  Bamboo Alkansya Coin Bank  made from hard bamboo tree polished

This bamboo is Alkansya is made from a bamboo tree.  Each piece is handcrafted, cut between two BUKO  kaya mating.  typical traditional Sri Lanka coin bank. There’s a hole at the top to drop in coins, and you have to break it to get money back out.


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