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How To Add Product for sell ?

මෙමෙ ලිපිය සිංහලෙන් කියවන්න

Sign in to account

login to your account using "sign in" link from the top right corner of the page.


login form

login to account using email as username and your password


Go to Dashboard

Find the "Seller Dashboard" on clicking that button, go to your dashboard.


Start add Product

Click on the "Add New Product" button to start adding product


Select your product Section

  • Physically: to this section, you can put all the tangible products. ex: Babies & Toys products, Home & Lifestyle products, TV & Home Appliances products, Electronic Accessories products, Electronic Devices products, Groceries & Pets products, Fashion products, Watches & Accessories products, Sports & Outdoor Products, Health & Beauty products, ect..
  • Digital: For this, you can and intangible products like software, movies, MP, Video, E-Books, E-Magazin, Crypto
  • License: Software license, Educational license, Gift Cards, Coupons kind of products should add to this section.


Start add product details

Basic product details on this section


you can add the product estimated delivery time in this section. Also product size.

  • Pink Box 1: you can put Size or Attribut like on the photo.
  • Pink Box 2: Leave it empty if you have unlimited items from that product or add the quantity of product.
  • Pink box 3: only add "Size price" if additionally add cost to that related size. it will be an addition to the general price of the product.


Select Colors

You can select color variations of your product. Select color from color picker or you can put color code directly.


To Add wholesale price.

Pink box 1: count of the product item. Pink Box 3: percentage of discount


Product Description section.

You can add a general description of the product and return policy here.


The product image section.

Feature image of the product can add clicking on the "Upload Image" button in the middle of the big square. Other images can add clicking on the "Set Gallery" Button.



As the image shows you can put tags on your product image



Find the "Create Product" Button at end of the page and click on it

Check Video for More Help

මෙමෙ ලිපිය සිංහලෙන් කියවන්න